About Alpacas

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid.  It resembles a Llama in appearance.

Whilst farming these wonderful creatures  is still gaining acceptance here in Australia ,  there is a growing enthusiasm for the development of large commercial herds like mainstream sheep farming.  These gentle animals are very easy on the environment  having a soft foot and grazing habits that preserve pasture unlike the hard hooves of sheep and goats.  Alpacas use a communal dung pile, where they do not graze. This behaviour tends to limit the spread of internal parasites.

Their key attribute is  wool which can be very soft and fine like Merino or Cashmere and comes in a range of  natural colors from back to grey to white and all shades of brown/roan.  the meat is described as similar to veal or lamb but is very low in cholesterol, low in fat and a fine grained cut.

The wool is sought after by those eager to spin their own wool or knit their own garments . it is also growing in  importance for  commercial manufacturers producing high end quality clothing that is light warm and stylish.

At Alpacacino we are starting our own breeding program to build up our  herd of Alpacas and welcome anyone interested to come see them ( by appointment only  at this stage).

Remember  we often have young, healthy and friendly animals ready for you to make your own pet or  herd guardian  ( especially guarding sheep  or chickens against foxes!.). these a  gentle animals can easily be trained to walk on a halter and fed by hand.

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