TP or not TP that is the question?..

Yes even somewhere as  isolated as Durham Lead is starting to feel the bite of the “Great Australian Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020”.  Down to our last roll, we had to face the angry mob at Maxi Foods yesterday to grab 4 rolls – just in the nick of time! ( Im sure we all know what “prairie dogging” is !)

Luckily  Ive also had my inventor’s hat on and was planning to fashion sheets of  dumper wipe from felted Alpaca wool – soft to the touch, biodegradable and in plentiful supply.  In fact having about 200kg of fleece at the moment  maybe I should follow current journalistic trends and  feed unsubstantiated  rumors that “organic” Alpaca wool  poo cloths are about to run out.  Panic buying should take care of the rest and help me shift the massive stockpile of wool –  unless of course  someone actually needs  carded fleece for spinning or handcrafts, in which case probably a far better use.


I have is plenty here so just let me know if you would like to buy carded alpaca fleece ( or my un-patented Alpaca wool poo cloths! )

And whilst on the subject of handcrafts….. anyone who now feels remorse for stockpiling toilet paper and wishes to say “I’m sorry” or even needs a ” get well soon” card ( and I am positive that they will also be in high demand given the  “its-not-a-pandemic” pandemic we are facing),  Sharon has a whole bunch of amazing hand made cards she is willing to swap for money.  The proceeds will go to helping make new cards !. Just let her now via the electronic mail system at



“See that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass”,.. at least most folk seem to have enough TP when it does!.



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