Isn’t Rhode Island blue?….

That’s  what the Democrats would have you believe, but secretly we all know its red.  I’m sure the hens can’t be wrong.  Certainly our four recent arrivals are probably likely to be Republicans judging by their neck feathers.!

Of course this is our third  go at grow-your-own eggs.  The first chicken run ended as feather lickin’ good for the local eagles.  The second turned out to be more roosters than hen  and finally we now seem to possibly have four ladies in the( hen) House, though the jury is still out on one.  Just waiting on proof positive with actual  eggs  but the signs are good. 20200225_121558

Are they named yet?  Was thinking of Melania, Ivanka, Ivana and Marla, in keeping with their  plumage but then maybe it would be more fitting to have Elizabeth, Amy,  Tulsi and possibly Nancy given their State of Origin.

Its all too hard in this modern partisan minefield to keep things politically correct so for now they will remain as hens 1 through 4.


PS I was wrong. Updates seem to only be an annual event at best.


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