Has it really been over a year?!?!

I cant believe its been over 12 months since last posting.  Maybe its because the magpies  have not been around this year to remind me, maybe its because I am too preoccupied with life underground in the gold mine or maybe its that life goes past just to damn fast!.  Whatever the case,  the situation needed rectifying. So with no further promises.. here is the start!

now, what is in the year that passed?.

Shearing 2017 has come and gone ( amidst a local thunderstorm – waaaay to wet to be hiding under a tarp!) and 2018 is about to begin November 24th.


The hens have now all gone – the last two of them a few days ago possibly at the hands of a serial killer.  Number one suspect is an Eagle.


What?! …No! I mean this “an Eagle..”


The water in  our only dam is all but gone and its only just spring.   Only the tiger snakes and bull rushes remaining in the receding water all thanks to (allegedly) global warming

A few more alpacas have now gone  –  to new homes to guard new lambs against marauding foxes.


And finally we said goodbye to our little mate Spike  on the right  who had a long and fulfilled life barking at bees and charging at the alpacas right up until the end!


Willow (left) and Wesley ( center) now taking up his mantle of guard dog!.

So that’s all caught up  now on what has gone on .

Hopefully from now on the updates will be more regular than once a year . In the meantime check out Rural Trade web site and Facebook page for all things buy and sell in Alpaca fiber and farm gate produce.



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