Spinning a good yarn…

As Henry Lawson once alluded to,  if  anyone is going to talk with great confidence on a subject they have little knowledge of, its probably a Geologist!

And in my case its no different, though this time this geological spieler is not pontificating about rocks and railways. Instead I have been waxing lyrical on the wonders of Alpaca wool!!!

ruraltradeYes! I have entered the world of textiles, fabrics and all things fiber arts. In cahoots with a couple of great local people who do actually know what they are doing we have opened up Rural Trade. –  a web hub for buying and selling specialty fiber products, garments  or yarns.

To anyone out there that knits, weaves, spins or is simply looking for Alpaca fiber this is the place to come and browse the growing products list at Rural Trade.

If  you do have something to sell or have the skills to get  knitting, spinning  or felting products  up for sale but  never quite  got anything finished yet, then the gang  would love to hear from you (we may even be able to provide cheap yarn or fiber bats to get you back the enthusiasm you need!). email us at Rural Trade (sales@ruraltrade.com.au or david@durhamcreekmills.com,au).

No only is Rural Trade open for business, but the Durham Creek Mill is following close behind. I know its mildly surprising that even with so little background in the ways of the woolen mill I seem to have successfully managed to get the carding machine actually carding! Before too long we will have our own bats and slivers available for sale. From there its merely a small leap to setting up for commercially spinning yarns ( 2018 here we come!).

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – but what fun!


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