Gambling on being a card player.

Inspired to a recent trip to Las Vegas I have decided that cards could be in my future…or rather carding.  The new fiber carding machine has turned up and after some minor modifications and adjustments appears to be working with great results!.

Alpacacino can now produce picked, washed and carded fleeces ready to spin and hopefully will soon be selling to  fiber artists, spinners, weavers and knitters everywhere.

Mind you my ability to manage social media is something akin to President Trump’s.  Fear not –  I have partnered up with  Gina and Alex from Ross Creek and together with Alpaca shearer John Butterworh will be launching  Durham Creek Mills as a commercial on line venture shortly.   Already the  shop is in its final form ready for release  into the virtual abyss  of the Wide wide World of the Web  and if all goes according to the plan   bats of super fine alpaca fleece , blended alpaca/merino  fleece and other specialty fibers  will be for sale within a couple of months from now.

Watch out for the big media release soon!!

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