Under attack!!

It seems Spring has definitely sprung here at the farm and we feeling the full wrath of the angry black and white Army (or rather Air force!). We are not talking  disappointed Collingwood supporters failing to make it to the end of September but rather dive bombing testosterone fueled  magpies!  One has taken up residence as a sniper just outside the house pinning us down and waiting for us to leave the front door. With brooms waving in the air or coloured umbrellas held high its a mad dash to the cars. Visitors beware – they don’t discriminate  All are fair game.  Every morning deep in the safety of the trenches, we make battle plans and pick straws for the unlucky soldier that has to run the open space, across the drive and up to the HSU to let the chooks out to their exercise yard! No one told me this farming life would be so stressful!!.

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