End of Summer dayz

Now that summer has past we look back  on the last few months.  Our ‘pacas finally have their toenails clipped ready for the winter – something  the whole family had to take part in – and enjoy! and the single ladies have been in the fine company of Milo and Denzil! . Also not to boast but we recently got 17kg’s of honey from our very own bees.  Maybe Mead is in the making?!

So with this our summer days comes to an end. It has been an adventure and a half as new alpaca farmers and will  keep all our great memories such as seeing the newborns being born for the first time and the not so great memories of the noise of  the  breeding male’s getting it on just outside the window! We look forward to the cooler weather now and we hope you have a great Autumn from everybody at the farm.

How to give an alpaca a pedicure


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