Alpacacino Farm is a gold mine!


Durham Lead – the area in which Alpacacino Farm lies – was the home of gold mining at the turn of last century. A number of mines followed the gold-rich “deep lead” which is an ancient river system, now covered by volcanic lava flows. Just a couple of kilometres from the farm, the historical site of the Durham Lead township is still visible with the old post office still remaining. The area is rich in history; mine dumps, shafts and artifacts litter the fields, especially about the line of the deep lead itself. The main Enfield Consolidated Mine lies opposite the farm (across the Leigh river), and, on the farm itself, an old mine entrance (now collapsed) and the remains of old buildings are still visible today. Running across the hilltop there are quartz veins – similar to those that were considered the source of the alluvial gold and mined extensively throughout the State of Victoria – and these still exist just under the surface. Who knew Alpacacino Farm has such a golden history!

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